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a recipe for success

Sugar. Flour. Eggs. Passion. 
There's something to be said for having a little sweetness in every day. Why not make it a lifestyle?
Owner Alixe Ingoglia Hemerly did just that. A 2005 graduate of Hempfield HS, Alixe headed to Pittsburgh to attend one of the most fun years of her life. She graduated in 2006 from Le Cordon Bleu : Pennsylvania Culinary Institute with an Associate's Degree in Patisserie and Baking and returned to Central PA to continue living the dream. After acquiring a certification in mixology, Alixe began at Bully's Restaurant & Pub in 2007 as the pastry chef, bartender, hostess, server, and professional taste tester pretty much every night of the week. An incredible opportunity provided by the owner of Bully's (hi Dave!) led to the 2009 debut of The Flour Child bakery - located just across the street from Bully's. It's been a rollercoaster of a life since then, completing over 1000 weddings and thousands of special orders in between.

Liz Bechtold Schoelkopf joined the crew in summer of 2011 on externship from the pastry program at YTI - and I just couldn't let her leave. Her outstanding prowess at managing our robust email ordering system and dedication to detail and thoroughness in special orders and weddings has helped to create the well oiled machine we are today. 

Ashley Thompson is our spitfire and literal current face of tfc - currently conducting almost all of our wedding consultations and making sure that every cake is delivered with joie de vivre. She joined us in 2015 directly from YTI and her talents have been polished with her enthusiasm for learning and creativity.

We cannot thank our family, friends, fans, and fanatics for the ongoing support and the neverending love. 
Life is truly delicious. 
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