pumpkin, apple crumb, cherry crumb or lattice, pecan (+$3)

seasonal pies available and priced upon request

10" - $10

12" - $18

graham or classic crust

Muffins $8/dz

Pumpkin, banana (w or w/o nuts), lemon poppy, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, apple, chocolate chip, cranberry nut

Min 6 per flavor

Scones (batch of 12) - $15

raspberry, pumpkin, blueberry, cranberry, butter pecan, orange

1 flavor per batch


Coffee Cake
$10 - 8" serves 6
Baked Oatmeal $24/batch
seasonal fruit or brown sugar

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the custom baking schedule and ingredient ordering, any order cancellations must occur a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) before scheduled pickup time. Any item cancelled within the 3 days prior to pickup are subject to full charge to cover production cost. We do our best to accommodate emergencies, but please understand each order spot reserved is dedicated to the client who holds it, and your product is freshly prepared. We are unable to unbake, undecorate, and reverse the time spent on a custom product.