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Stuff to know! 


All orders are currently being placed via phone or email. No order is definite until deposit and details are provided - see confirmation!

717 431 8877


Orders of all sizes are not confirmed for definite production unless: 

Deposit is paid within 48 hours of receiving payment link

Full details (size, shape, flavors, decor, pickup time) are submitted 10+ days from pickup day

If within 10 days, full details must be given at time of order

Incomplete details will result in no product made and a forfeited deposit


While we welcome your inspiration photos and event details, all product styling will be custom to each order. We don't want to copy another baker's work and we will be honest with you if the style you're looking for is not achievable in our preferred skill set.


If a structure, size, or flavor change is requested less than 72 hours from pickup, it will be at the discretion and availability of tfc.

Postponement within 72 hours of pickup requires an additional payment to hold the order for a future date (up to 6 months after original date).

Cancellation within 72 hours of pickup requires 50% of full order value in order to maintain tfc ordering in the future.