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Ready to order?
Stuff to know! 


All orders are currently being placed via phone or email. No order is definite until deposit and details are provided - see confirmation!
717 431 8877


Orders of all sizes are not confirmed for definite production unless: 

Deposit is paid within max 48 hours of receiving payment link and is NONREFUNDABLE

$20 Deposit for single tier,
$40 deposit for two tier,
$20 deposit for other desserts
**there are a set number of slots every day. if you need more than 1 tier or one dessert type, you MUST reserve that number of slots**

Full details (size, shape, flavors, decor) are submitted
by 12pm noon the Saturday prior to your pickup (one week for Sunday orders)
**YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED for missing details**

Late details (if the order is still able to be completed) will incur a $15 late fee on the order balance

If there are not enough details to complete the order by 12 noon Saturday the week prior, your order will not be completed (one week for Sunday orders)

Please schedule your pickup time according to pickup hours - if we do not receive a pickup time, we will dictate according to our decorating schedule

If order is placed within one week of pickup, full details and payment are required


While we welcome your inspiration photos and event details, all product styling will be custom to each order. We don't want to copy another baker's work and we will be honest with you if the style you're looking for is not achievable in our preferred skill set.

Due to licensing regulations, we are no longer able to include characters in their original, licensed form. We are happy to discuss options in the way of themes, toppers, and customized alterations.


Any changes to an order within the week of pickup are at the discretion of tfc. This includes but is not limited to size, shape, flavor, and decor 

Cancellations more than 7 days prior to pickup will maintain their deposit value for a future order/rescheduled order at the discretion of tfc.

Cancellation within the week of pickup forfeit any previously made payments and are required to pay 50% of the remaining balance. No refunds will be made. 
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