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from baking to blogging

hello! it was inevitable - my wordiness couldn't stay contained within the walls of the bakery. had to get it all out there somehow!

welcome to the (quite informal) blog of the flour child. for the most part, it will be me, Alixe, typing and posting, but occasionally we will have some guest writers in the form of Liz, Ash, and other fun friends of tfc!

first things first - this space is safe. it has been created in the hopes of sharing some behind the scenes happenings of the bakery world, from ingredient costing to design to some anonymous customer stories. we will try to share photos when we can, or news when applicable. honestly though, it's a great way for us to share what's been happening with us here at the shop in the years (ugh that sounds ridiculous but its true) that we have been without a true cash and carry storefront. please feel free to subscribe, to either the blog or the upcoming newsletter. we look forward to sharing with you!

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