Regular Height

Our regular height cakes are classic party height, with four layers of cake and three thin layers of filling. Choose a cake flavor, filling flavor, and outer buttercream flavor. Vanilla outer buttercream is recommended for intricate decor (tinting, etc). Base pricing includes Swiss dot, watercolor, colorblock, polka dot, and pulled texture. All other designs priced accordingly.

Extra Tall

Our extra tall cakes add a full extra pan of cake! This allows for a grand look without the structure of tiers. Please choose a cake flavor, filling, and outer buttercream flavor. 

Tiered Cakes

We offer 2 tier cakes for pickup! There is a shape and size combination for every party. Cakes are assembled for pickup- be advised that there are inedible supports through the entire cake. Tiered cakes should be refrigerated overnight for structural safety. Please choose a cake flavor, filling, and outer buttercream flavor for each tier. We highly recommend vanilla buttercream on the outside for coloring and design purposes. Three tier cakes are *NOT* available for pickup. 

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