chocolate chip



flourless peanut butter 

coconut macaroon

molasses ginger

coffeehouse (cinnamon/espresso/chocolate) 

oatmeal raisin

oatmeal white chocolate cranberry

seasonal (check and see!)


Flavors may be ordered in half or full dozens only

Decorated Cutouts

Cookies begin at $3.00/each

Each order is customized, and therefore pricing is too! Please inquire about specific designs for an accurate quote. Packaging is available starting at $.50/cookie.


Batches supply approximately 16 large pieces and can be cut into whatever size you desire, up to 48 pc per order!







Orange Bars




Lemon Bars


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Cancellation Policy

Due to the custom baking schedule and ingredient ordering, any order cancellations must occur a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) before scheduled pickup time. Any item cancelled within the 3 days prior to pickup are subject to full charge to cover production cost. We do our best to accommodate emergencies, but please understand each order spot reserved is dedicated to the client who holds it, and your product is freshly prepared. We are unable to unbake, undecorate, and reverse the time spent on a custom product.